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Natasha Pearson

Natasha Pearson is a half Malayali Composer/Songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. Natasha is a composer represented by the Australian Music Centre and holds a Bachelor of Music Composition from Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University. Having started her musical training as a vocalist, her music is characterized by soaring, lyrical melodies and a love of old school/jazz inspired complex harmonies. Her work is concerned with contemporary issues and aims to inspire change through creating empathy and social awareness.

Natasha is passionate about music theatre and has been involved with new musicals Sticks and Stones (2014) and Metamorphosis (2015). More recently Natasha has been developing new Australian Musical, Ace of Hearts; a story which challenges societal expectations of heteronormal relationships with co-writer Hayden Dun. This appeared in PRONTO (2018) MUST Cabaret Festival (2018) and the Midsumma Festival (2019 & 2021).


Hayden Dun

Hayden Dun's music has been performed live by Ensemble Phorminx in Germany, the Canberra Youth Symphony Orchestra, and by Melbourne-based ensemble Plexus. Hayden also regularly composes for music theatre, with his latest productions including:

Stick And Stones, Metamorphosis, Melbourne Comedy Festival show Heart Thy Neighbour, and Melbourne Comedy Festival musical Jamie And The ATAR. In 2019, he co-wrote and co-produced Ace of Hearts The Musical with Natasha Pearson.

With a Bachelor of Music, Hayden has received several awards and selections including The ASME Young Composer Award (Victoria), and a selection for Top Class and Top Acts in 2013.

In 2021, Hayden is performing in Ace of Hearts - Songs, a set of 10 songs he co-composed for the Midsumma Festival.

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